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Bliss Wellness Studio is a wellness facility that provides holistic services to reduce stress and anxiety, regulate the nervous system, and provide emotional healing. We offer group and private sessions, dedicated to helping you navigate life's challenges in a gentle way, and making wellness more accessible.
You deserve to feel good! 


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Sunday, July 21st 8pm
Join us at the stunning rooftop pool at The Edition Hotel for an enchanting Floating Sound Bath. This is the perfect way to relax on a Sunday evening, to prepare for Monday.


Important information about our location

We are located Hyde Park, in an amazing wellness facility called OUR Urban Retreat.

Parking is behind the Smoothie King.

Our sessions are small and intimate. We set up the mats and bolsters for you, allowing you to walk in and relax right away. Because we set up everything for you, we require you to sign up in advance. The signup closes on our calendar a hour before the session time.
The morning sessions closes the night before.
We do not take walk-ins.  

Our Address
2201 W Swann Ave Suite 201
Tampa, FL 33606

Wellness Scan

Bliss Wellness Studio offers an Wellness Scan with a revolutionary tools to scan your energy level, stress level, and your Chakras. 
This knowledge will help you understand what your body needs for optimal energy and to operate at peak performance.  
You deserve to feel your best, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Schedule a scan today!  


Danielle Laura

As an entrepreneur, I can’t recommend the Energy Analysis scans more highly!! It allows you to see your biorhythms for the month, so I now arrange my schedule accordingly to be in the highest level of energetic alignment and prioritize self-care so that I don’t burn out.

Being an entrepreneur, there’s always something else that can be done, so this energy scan allows me to have a heightened awareness for leveraging my energy and having a foolproof system to know how to prioritize what to do and when, for the most potent results.

The scan combined with a sound therapy session with Niajae is the perfect combination of aligning your chakras, brining an awareness to your nature energy rhythms so you can honor them with ease (and not feel guilty about it!), and giving you the foresight to make aligned decisions that further allow you to love your life :)

I can’t imagine this not being a part of my life moving forward!

Want to learn more about Sound Therapy, how it heals, and the research we are doing? 

Listen to the Sound Therapy Network podcast hosted by Niajae. The podcast is available on all podcast platforms. Click the photos below to listen on Apple Podcast or Spotify. 

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Amanda Salazar

I had the opportunity to take some time for myself, with the help of the incredible, Niajae Wallace. I had not taken time for spiritual cleansing and attention like I should have after a wild journey in 2020. She made me feel completely revived! I felt so much of the pull and weight of negative things before I saw her. I was feeling intense and overwhelmed. Niajae was able to help me, with letting go of some blockages and opening myself up for opportunities and clarity.

If you’ve never done any sound healing, I highly suggest it! It was my first time doing it with one of the singing bowls resting on my body. The sleep I had afterwards was deep and wonderful. If you want to feel revitalized and refocused, please consider reaching out to her. I look forward to booking with her again in the future.


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Yushira Budhram

My first sound healing experience was with Niajae. Going into it I assumed it would be relaxing and a good meditation session. It far exceeded my expectations, so much so that I now see it as one of the healing modalities that changed my life.
I have had multiple sessions with her and every time I set a specific intention for healing. This is how I know it has helped me heal and grow so many aspects of myself in just a few months.
What I love about it is you don’t have to do anything- you just lay there and listen to the most beautiful waves of sound. It ebbs and flows through your entire body. Niajae is truly gifted in her ability to create very powerful healing vibrations.
She creates complex frequencies that help heal from a spiritual to a cellular level. When you hear her play, her sound together with her ability to hold space takes you on a powerful healing journey. I trust her wholeheartedly as the purity of her intent is felt during her sessions.

Unplug and find your Bliss!

Bliss is our natural state. In this fast-paced world, we've become accustomed to being in a state of fight or flight and high anxiety. Join us for a session to bring your body back into harmony and relaxation. 

Our Address
2201 W Swann Ave
Tampa, FL 33606 

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your session

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