BlissĀ Wellness is Tampa Bay's first meditation studio. We provide Sound Therapy sessions to help you navigate stress, anxiety, and life's challenges in a holistic and healthy way, so you can feel your best!

As seen on FOX News

FOX News did a beautiful job capturing Bliss Bar Meditation Studio in this amazing segment. Peek into the studio, and then schedule a session to experience the magic yourself. 


How does Sound Therapy work?

Sound Therapy activates your brainwaves to relax and heal your body. Sound Therapy is proven to
-Improve sleep
-Improve digestion
-Reduce stress & anxiety
-Improve focus
-Soothe heavy emotions

When a Sound Bowl is placed on the body it proves an even deeper healing on a cellular level.

Sound Therapy repairs and regulates the nervous system, improving your overall wellness.  

Who are these sessions good for?

Sound Therapy is great for anyone with a stressful or fast paced life.
It is also great for people on a healing journey.
Sound Therapy can help you navigate heavy emotions in a gentle way. It's great for
-Life transitions
-Inner child healing
-Shadow work
-Burnout recovery

It also is great for expansion and balance. It's great for
-Balancing your Chakras
-Connecting to your intuition
-Increasing self-awareness
-Enhancing spiritual gifts



Niajae is a passionate entrepreneur and visionary. She loves empowering people to be the best version of themselves. She is a former dance and aerial studio owner, who fell in love with Sound Therapy and is excited to share her love with Tampa Bay. 

With over 15 certifications in fitness, wellness, trauma awareness, and leadership, Niajae is dedicated to making mindfulness and meditation more accessible.



Marissa is a creative writer and intuitive spiritualist with a deep passion for healing the mind, body and spirit. Upon obtaining her Sound Therapy Practitioner certification she began facilitating sessions at Bliss Bar and has enjoyed every moment since!

As a Tampa native (and proud Leo) she enjoys spending her time at the beach basking under the sun, roller skating around her neighborhood and writing poetry.

Unplug and find your Bliss!

Bliss is our natural state. In this fast-paced world, we'veĀ become accustomed to being in a state of fight or flight and high anxiety. Join us for a session to bring your body back into harmony and relaxation.Ā 

Our Address
2201 W Swann Ave Suite 201
Tampa, FL 33606

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your session


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