This certification training will teach you how to facilitate Sound Baths and private Sound Therapy sessions with trauma awareness and best practices. The in person training will give you the confidence to take clients right away and start building a transformational practice. 


Learn how to facilitate a Sound Bath, the healing benefits of Crystal  Bowls, and a deep dive into Chakras.  


Learn the additional benefits of Himalayan bowls and the vibration when they are placed on the body.  


Receive support around pricing, marketing, and building your Sound Therapy practice with integrity.



It is important to understand how trauma and chronic stress impacts the nervous system and how that may show up in sessions. As a practitioner, you want to feel comfortable and have proper protocols.
Start the training right away with the 10 modules online. Complete the in-person 2-day training to receive your framed certification. 




 A testimonial from
Leia Rodas: Organic Skincare by Leia

I cannot describe how amazing was my experience at Bliss Bar Meditation Studio for my Trauma Informed Sound Therapy Practitioner Training. I could write for days about it. But one word “Magical “.
Niajae is a wonderful human in every way, she was the best instructor I’ve ever met. Every part of the training was highly contagious and filled with knowledge and respect towards everyone’s journey.
I left motivate and fulfilled with all the gifts she shared with us. Thanks Niajae. I’m thankful our paths had crossed 💜✨.

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2023 Upcoming Dates
January 28th - 29th
February 25th - 26th
March 25th - 26th
April 29th - 30th
May 27th - 28th

To request a private training for a group of 4 or more, email [email protected]

Payment Plan

Break it down into 4 payments: Total price- $1,111


   Pay in full: Total price $999
When you pay in full, you receive access to the online portal.

(If you do the payment plan, you receive access once you complete your payments.)
Please note, even with access to the online portal, you must do the in person portion to receive the certification.
You have a full calendar year to complete the in person workshop.


Niajae is a certified and licensed Sound Therapist and the owner of Bliss Bar Meditation studio, as seen on FOX. She's studied trauma awareness, how trauma shows up in the body, and how trauma shows up in your business. Niajae is also certified in Brene Browns Dare to Lead program.

Upon receiving her Sound Healing certifications and training with several experts, she realized there were gaps in the trainings. There were areas no one discussed, that can leave practitioners confused or feeling isolated.

She created this certification to fill those gaps and provide a well-rounded training that will establish best practices and protocols in Sound Therapy to ensure we are doing no harm. 

She is truly passionate about this modality and making it accessible around the world. 

 A testimonial from Laura Ramos: Mobile Spa Concierge

I have been 23 years as a massage therapist, taking other classes through the years, but Niajae's class was the best. She is so knowledgeable, her class was amazing. I learned so much from her. I definitely will take another class from her.

She is a beautiful person.

Additional Information

If your question isn't answered below, please email us directly at [email protected] 

A testimonial from Tina Pugsley

I have traveled all over the world during my yoga journey and I have never met an instructor like Niajae. She has an amazing ability as an instructor to engage and educate her students.

She's willing to share and provide everything she knows to us, so selflessly!

Reserve your spot now

2023 Upcoming Dates
January 28th - 29th
February 25th - 26th
March 25th - 26th
April 29th - 30th
May 27th - 28th

To request a private training for a group of 4 or more, email [email protected]

A testimonial from Kaitynn

My training with Niajae absolutely changed my life. I have done multiple trainings but this was truly the best one I’ve ever done- walking away with a certification made me feel very proud of myself & makes me feel confident as a creditable healer.

Niajae provided such wisdom to leave the class with that will definitely impact me for the rest of my life in a positive way not only in my professional world, but also personal. She is an amazing sound healer that bridges her unique and colorful personality with a professional, patient, and kind teaching style. I loved learning in an environment where I felt safe and supported.

I feel deeply grateful knowing after the certification I can always reach out, and I am part of a community now that will support you after the certification. I’m so thankful for this experience and I will continue sharing it with others. I can’t wait to continue learning with her.


This training will go over:
-Solfeggio frequencies 
-The nervous system
-Trapped emotions 
-How to facilitate group Sound Baths 
-How to facilitate private sessions
-Trauma awareness 
-Clairabilities (spiritual gifts)
-Self-care for practitioners
-Facilitate a full hour session
-Receive a full hour session
-Pricing your services
-Building your practice 
-Best practices and ethics 
-Waivers and liability