Transform your clients' mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing with Somatic Sound Therapy™


Transform your clients' mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing with Somatic Sound Therapy™



Learn up to date research on what society is struggling with, and how Sound Therapy can help.



Learn how to be an emotionally safe practitioner while maintaining your own self-care and boundaries.



Learn specialized sequences that target specific areas of the body to deepen your clients healing journey.


The training includes the following

-Trauma Informed Sound Therapy Practitioner™ Certification 

-Somatic Sound Therapy™ Practitioner Certification 

-One year membership to Sound Therapy Network that features a private Facebook group and masterclasses for business support and continuing education

Upon completion you receive 2 certifications, and a full year of support, accountability, and community.


'I was doing research to find a Sound Therapy Certification. I found Trauma Informed Sound Therapy and Somatic Certification that is offered by Bliss Wellness! Niajae’s certification provides training that shows us to have compassion and integrity for our clients and with other practitioners. The training is very thorough with details that are not included with other trainings. This is the best hands-on training that I have taken that is more than information or another certification to add to your name. This is a training that I will have with me for eternity to help others on their journey of self healing!'


The Investment:



6 payments of $444 ($2,664 total)




3 payments of $788 ($2,364 total)




SAVE $442 When you pay in full


Did you already go through the Trauma Informed Sound Therapy Practitioner™ Certification? 

Click HERE if you've already gone through the trauma-informed training and you are ready for the next level. 


'Thank you Niajae for bringing this much needed healing modality to the forefront. It was an honor and a privilege to attend your training, it was so informative and exactly what I needed to learn. This training is essential to providing effective healing and support for those who are suffering. I learn so much and feel much more comfortable in my abilities to provide a safe, professional, healing environment for those who are seeking resolution to their suffering. I highly recommend the training, it is a thorough and comprehensive program that covers all the dynamics of this healing modality.'
~Lee Ann


Frequently Asked Questions

'I go by Truest, my company's is Truest Wellness were I practice multiple healing centered modalities. My training experience with Niaje was exceptional.

Niajae's (Founder-Sound Therapy Network) trauma-informed sound therapy training was a deeply transformative experience for me. It provided a safe and nurturing environment where I could explore the profound connection between sound and trauma healing. Niajae is highly knowledgeable and experienced, guiding us through a comprehensive curriculum that encompassed both theoretical understanding and practical application.

Throughout the training, I learned invaluable techniques for creating a trauma-sensitive space and using sound as a therapeutic tool to support individuals on their healing journeys. The training emphasized the importance of creating a sense of safety, consent, and empowerment for clients who have experienced trauma.

Niajae also taught various sound healing modalities, including the use of himalyan sound bowls, and crystal bowls showcasing their effectiveness in releasing emotional blockages and promoting relaxation. We also delved into understanding the science behind trauma and the ways in which sound can positively impact the nervous system.

What truly stood out was the emphasis on self-care and self-awareness for practitioners. The training encouraged us to cultivate our own resilience and recognize the potential impact of working with trauma. Through self-reflection exercises and supportive discussions, I gained a deeper understanding of my own triggers and how to maintain my own well-being as a practitioner.

Overall, this trauma-informed sound therapy training was an invaluable experience that expanded my skillset and enhanced my capacity to work compassionately with individuals who have experienced trauma. It has equipped me with the knowledge and confidence to integrate sound as a powerful tool for healing in a trauma-informed and ethically responsible manner.'

Your community needs your magic! 



Understand the emotional root cause of some of the most common physical ailments and how Sound Therapy can help.